ASHA Corporate Sponsorship Support Policy

ASHA offers 2 levels of corporate support: The Corporate Partnership Program and the Event Sponsorship Program.

The Corporate Partner Program is for companies that invest $50,000+ in ASHA asset purchases in a marketing contract over a one-year time frame. These asset purchases may include, but are not limited to advertising (both print and digital), exhibit space, sponsorship, and mailing lists. Corporate Partners alone have access to ASHA’s membership via email (administered by ASHA).

The Event Sponsorship Program consists of individual sponsorship opportunities for ASHA’s in-person and online conferences throughout the year, in addition to opportunities for companies to support special programming that is not offered for continuing education credits. Sponsorship is offered to companies registered as an exhibitor on the exhibit hall floor (there may be flexibility for sponsorships taking place away from the convention center.)

ASHA Corporate Support Policy

Corporate support (partnership and event sponsorship) is a source of non-dues revenue for ASHA and increases programming and opportunities for members. Every corporate partner or event sponsor must submit all related advertising materials for thorough review. The review process is conducted by ASHA’s practice professionals. Reviewers are looking to deter efficacy claims, the perception of endorsement, etc. ASHA reviews advertising content in the ads and/or materials related to the sponsorship opportunity. If the collateral materials contain an efficacy claim, ASHA staff will contact the company and ask if research is available on their website, or would be made available upon request should a member ask for substantiation of the claim. However, ASHA only validates whether or not the research is relevant to the claim; ASHA does not form an opinion on the research. View a full list of the ASHA Advertising Contract Conditions and Standards, which also applies to sponsors.

In addition, ASHA requires vendors who purchase a corporate partnership or an event sponsorship to sign a contract agreeing to follow all the aforementioned provisions of advertising. In addition, the sponsorship contract specifically states that:

  • Any merchandise produced by SPONSOR shall be of quality consistent with ASHA’s public image
  • A sponsor shall not use the ASHA intellectual property in such a manner as to imply or in any manner suggest that ASHA endorses the sponsors products or services

Examples of Event Sponsorship

  • Branding inside the exhibit hall, which allows the company to put their company name on an event item, such as the bags, lanyards, water bottles, literature bag inserts, etc.
  • Signage, which allows the exhibitor to brand their company through increased visibility outside the exhibit hall
  • Interactive opportunities that offer direct engagement with ASHA members, such as the mobile passport game on the exhibit hall floor, the portrait gallery, tweet-up, gaming areas, etc.
  • Event gatherings (not offered ASHA CEUs), such as the Opening Session, ASHA Awards Ceremony, lunches, receptions, coffee breaks, etc.
  • Programming (not offered ASHA CEUs) such as the NSSLHA activities, MSLP, MC2, Career Fair, online chats, etc.
  • Visibility in the exhibit hall of our online events
  • Online conference sponsors are also online exhibitors and do not represent or contribute to the educational programming

Online Conference Sponsorship Policy

  • All materials are subject to review by ASHA (this includes videos, handouts, advertisements, email blasts, and materials on your website) pertaining to the online sponsorship
  • Online event sponsor agrees not use ASHA logo or mention ASHA without expressed written consent of ASHA
  • Online event sponsorship must be paid in full in order to participate in any online events
  • Sponsor may not post endorsements or their product or service in any educational online sessions
  • Online event sponsor may not initiate conversations with ASHA attendees unless ASHA member starts the conversation first or has a question about the sponsors product or service
  • Online event sponsor agrees to use post attendee mailing list for one-time usage only
  • Online event sponsor agrees not to make ASHA CE offers during event. However, they may promote courses/programs/seminars.


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